Can Yoga Improve Sex?

Yoga tradition starts with Indian philosophy and continues up to modern days. Generally, yoga is considered to be an ancient way of exercise, relaxation and healing. Currently, the tradition is ultimately popular in the US and around the world as a perfect way to decrease depression and anxiety, improve joint-related problems, relieve pain, lower blood pressure and help with a wide range of other medical conditions.

Besides, it will not be a surprise that yoga-sex relation is also rather strong, as it is a great way to enhance sex function. According to the results of the medical study, regular yoga practice can advance numerous aspects of female sexual health, including arousal, desire, satisfaction and orgasm. So, yoga is a revolutionary way to promote your sexual intercourse to an unexpectedly new level.

what is the use of yoga in sex life?

Top Yoga Benefits for Overall Health Condition and Sex

Apart from the advantageous effects yoga can produce on the overall health state, it interferes with sexual functioning enormously. Here are the most appreciated and common improvements, triggered by regular yoga practice:

  • Advances your self-esteem and contributes to a sexy look. Yoga might look super easy for someone, but, in fact, it is a full training that strengthens the core and boosts flexibility. Each training will give you an ultimate energy source for both daily routine and evening fun. You can feel more fit, slim and confident.
  • Yoga poses – future sex positions. Yoga is exactly what you need for your sex life. Several key yoga positions will help you enhance your sexual skills and enjoy satisfactory sex.
  • Considerable energy boost. While hard-working people prefer sleeping at night rather than have sex, those who do yoga regularly have much more energy even in the evening.
  • Relieves period symptoms and boosts sex drive. The statistics claim that 35-40 minutes of yoga can overcome the pesky signs of periods in women, especially heave flows, cramps and spotting. In addition to period pain relief, yoga increases your further sexual drive and libido.
  • Enhances overall body strength and health. All the muscles are working during yoga practice, so it helps you increase strength of muscles that control various important body functions. Better urination, advanced orgasm and more pleasurable feelings are the guaranteed sex results of regular yoga trainings.

Published by Evelyn Green