5 Top Fixes For Better Health In Relationships

There are many couples who come to sexologists or sexual therapists with problems in their families. Their stories about sexual difficulties that they experience vary, but they all need an effective solution. How to improve sex relationship in a family? Use these effective solutions to have healthier and happier family relationships:

  1. Have special boundaries around your family.
  2. Touch your spouse often.
  3. Say how much you love each other.
  4. Use different sexual scripts.
  5. Have regular intimacy dates.
Why Special Boundaries Are Important

Have exclusive family time built into your regular routine in addition to redefined connection lines. This means that you need to have special boundaries around how much time you spend with your spouse. Your intimate relationship should become one of the top priorities.

Sexual Problems Touching Each Other

Have a good connection with non-sexual physical touching, kissing, hand-holding, sitting next to each other, lying together, and so on. For example, to improve your sexual connection with a spouse, it’s advisable to establish a special routine to kiss hello when coming back home.

Importance of Talking about Love

Say how much you love each other to see how a partner feels about your family relationship. This small gesture can keep your intimate connection alive for a long time. Don’t forget to call each other to talk about love during the day.

Regular Physical Intimacy Dates

Having ongoing sexual relationships in your family is very important. Pay attention to the frequency of your intimate contacts because if they’re rare, you may lose a priority of connecting with your spouse in a physical way. Maintaining this healthy physical connection provides your marriage with its staying power and protects it from different life stresses. Create regular intimacy dates either planned or spontaneous to be able to follow through with regular sex. It should be a tension reducer in your family, not a tension producer.

Use Different Sexual Scripts

Mix up your usual routine of intercourses, foreplay, or kissing to reconnect with your spouse in an amazing way. Take the ownership of eroticism and pleasure in your marriage.

Published by Evelyn Green