How to make your husband want you?

Actually, the situation, where a woman is in the mood for sex and her husband or boyfriend is not, is very rare. However, the incidence of such cases grows as the number of always busy men gets bigger. To help him forget about the fatigue and spend a night of love with you may be a real challenge. But thanks to the following tips, you may be sure your husband won’t be able to stand your sexuality.


Physical contact may raise the libido very fast. Gentle touching and skin-to-skin contact can help your man feel your energy and sexual desire. Besides, massage is a wonderful way to relax and distract man’s attention from the way he feels. You may use oil to make your touches even more sensual and inviting.

husband want you

Sexy lingerie

Perhaps this is the most classical way of seducing a man. Put on your sexiest outfit to meet your husband from work. Yet you have to make sure that you yourself feel confident and sexy. Only when you like the way you look, you can make your guy think the same.

Physical contact

This one may be called one of the major tricks to stimulate your man’s libido. If you don’t know how to cuddle with a guy, you may use the following pieces of advice:

  • Get on his laps face to face with him;
  • Touch his hair and neck;
  • Slowly move lower, to the chest;
  • You can also put the hands around his neck and cuddle up close.

Gentle kisses can also help your man feel the goosebumps and kindle his desire.

Speak about your desire

It’s not that you should prepare a five-minute speech about the way you feel. You may say just a couple of inviting words or phrases to make your boyfriend interested. Tell him what you want him to do with you in the bedroom and his imagination will do everything else. Just whip him up!

Make a romantic atmosphere

Dim lights, nice music and a glass of wine can help your man relax and enjoy the moment. Combining such an atmosphere with all the above-mentioned methods can help men feel sexually excited.

Published by Evelyn Green