Most Common Mistakes Before and After Sex

Of course, you won’t find a set of rules on how to make love or what to do before and after the intercourse. Everything is very individual here. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes that people just don’t notice, thus depriving themselves of the “full package” they could’ve got when not making them.

Mistake #1. Thinking only about yourself

If you want your partner to enjoy the intercourse as much as you do, you should always keep in mind that you are not alone in bed. Make sure your partner feels the arousal and, if needed, help him/her get it. Speak about your fantasies to bring your partner’s desire to the right point.

Mistake #2. Skipping the foreplay

A lot of couples ignore the foreplay thinking it is absolutely unnecessary. However, this time is needed to make your physical and emotional contact stronger. It’s like showing a candy but still not giving it – only burns the desire. Foreplay can be especially useful for a female-partners, who need a bit more time for their body to get ready for sex.

habits before and after sex

Mistake #3. Not talking about your desires

None of us can read the minds of our partners and so do they. That’s why it is important to tell about your desires and taboos in sex before the intercourse, to get exactly what you want. Besides, sharing your sexual fantasies, you can bring the spice to your intimate relations and experiment anytime you have sex.

Getting out of bed right after sex

Some people literally jump out of bed right after the intercourse. Someone starts dressing up, the others rush to the bathroom. Minutes after sex are very important for making your emotional connection closer. Just enjoy the moment together and don’t leave your partner alone with some unpleasant thoughts (like “he/she didn’t like sex”).

Going online

Grabbing your phone to answer a message or watch your friend’s new post on Instagram is the worst mistake one can do after sex. Your partner may feel as if you’ve been thinking about the phone and not the person you were making love with. Besides, staring into the phone screen, you will make your partner feel abandoned.

Now think about your habits before and after sex. Can they be mistakes? If yes, then today is the right time to get rid of them!

Published by Evelyn Green