Sex and Health Benefits

Regular sex is important not only for pleasure or procreation, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main reason is that it provides a total body workout and a number of unexpected health benefits. What are they?

  • Improving your mood;
  • Relieving regular stress;
  • Productive periods;
  • Reducing pain;
  • Being smarter;
  • Better skin;
  • Strengthening the system.
Alternating Your Mood

Sex is definitely pleasurable, and it also affects people emotionally. When they have regular sex, their mood is elevated, and they get rid of the symptoms of depression. It releases essential mood-elevating chemicals, including serotonin, endorphins, and others to make people happy and calm.

Relieving Stress

Sex acts as an effective stress reliever, and it also lowers blood pressure. According to research and studies, people who engage in regular sex have lower blood pressure. This activity releases feel-good hormones that activate pleasure centers, thus, providing a state of tranquility and relaxation.

Health Benefits Reducing Pain

No matter how hard you try to stay healthy, you may still suffer from headaches or any other type of pain. The good news is that sex acts as a natural pain reliever because it eases any type of ache because of the endorphins and oxytocin that it releases. They trigger specific receptors in the brain and reduce pain.

Productive Periods

Another unexpected health benefit of sex is that it provides women with productive periods with fewer cramps and more comfort. It results in better uterine contractions that help expel the blood and shorter periods.

Strengthening the System

If you want to protect your body from getting sick or catching a cold, increase the regularity of sexual intercourse to enhance your immune system. Studies show that regular sex increases the amount of Immunoglobulin A in the system. It’s an important antibody that combats diseases and protects the body from flu.

Being Smarter

It’s proven that having regular sex improves the blood flow in the brain. It delivers extra glucose to the body that converts it into energy, thus, providing people with a better focus and productivity.

Better Skin

With the increase in blood circulation and oxygenation, sex makes the skin look better and younger in the long run.

Published by Evelyn Green