Good Relationship – Most Important Factor in Sexual Intimacy

Trust is an essential quality for a good sexual relationship because it helps people feel safe and secure. Lack of trust between two partners will, most likely, lead to anxiety, disappointment, fear, and other undesired feelings that will affect their sexual intimacy. It is important to know how to avoid mistrust to enjoy great sex with your partner.

Why Is Trust Important?

Usually, people are very happy at the beginning of relationships, but the situation does not remain the same all the time. As they communicate and learn each other better, their relationships grow. People are getting closer to each other, revealing the most intimate details of their life. This is when they become more vulnerable and need to feel safe.

When you are in a relationship, you have certain ideas on how everything should develop further. You and your partner are going through different life situations, showing if you can really rely on each other if something is needed, reveal your secrets, and get the support that you need in difficult circumstances. If partners are attentive to the other partner’s needs, honest and can successfully overcome various issues together, their trust grows. Such couples feel closeness, which is essential for sexual intimacy. If partners have a trust issue, they experience a range of unpleasant emotions, and the negative tension may affect or even ruin their intimate relationships. Without trust, sexual relationships with the partner become undesired.

Why is trust important?

How to Avoid Trust Issue in Relationships?

Trust does not occur suddenly, and usually, it takes some time to build strong relationships. It grows if both partners act responsibly and follow their commitments. It is impossible to guarantee the future of relationships, but it is possible to be honest with yourself and your partner as to how you feel and what you expect.

You can strengthen mutual trust and, thus, improve sexual intimacy doing very simple things:

  • Spend some time with your partner discussing your expectations and needs;
  • Agree on dos and don’ts in your relationships and follow them;
  • Be honest and not afraid of telling each other if there is something you do not like.

Only after reaching mutual understanding and following the rules of your relationships, both of you will enjoy feeling safe, which is crucial for improving your sexual intimacy.

Published by Evelyn Green