Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Foreplay

When it comes to the sexual prelude and its importance, men and women have different opinions. While males can get sexually driven in seconds, females require a bit more time for quality arousal. While men can become erect only from a thought about a sexual intercourse, women need sufficient foreplay. Doctors claim that prelude is a special process for a woman that helps to prepare both her mind and body for sex. Hugs and kisses contribute to vaginal lubrication, which is so necessary for a comfortable intercourse.

Another vital function of foreplay is female arousal. To get ultimate clitoral erection, women should be sexually stimulated. Prelude is an effective way to advance the blood flow into the clitoris, triggering better lubrication and clitoris erection. Moreover, pleasurable feelings and a positive approach to sex is what you get as a result of quality foreplay.

Neglect Foreplay

Tips for Successful Foreplay and Pleasurable Sex

To achieve the maximal degree of pleasure and satisfaction, you should know some secrets of excellent foreplay.

  • Treat this stage as an appetizer and never take several. Too much foreplay can eliminate the need and desire for sex. Therefore, do not get too involved, as it is not your destination, but only a way to it;
  • Sensuality is halfway to excellent foreplay. Caressing arms, back and hair, holding hands, as well as other actions build up sexual tension;
  • Do not be too concentrated on some parts of the body. While a majority of men try to approach erogenous zones, do not forget about other parts that increase the excitement, especially heck, head, face, earlobes and others;
  • Foreplay is inevitable for sexual satisfaction. This statement is more characteristic of men than women. Anyway, prelude is essential for the perfect mood and readiness for the intercourse;
  • Talk about your desires and preferences. Communication is the key to many locks, including foreplay and sexual intercourse. Therefore, your partner and you should specify your preferences in bed to guarantee pleasurable experience;
  • Stay in course. Do not give up beforehand. Even if you do not achieve the quality orgasm you wanted, probably, you need to wait for another minute or two.

In fact, foreplay is a far more inevitable piece of the pie than you could ever think of. It can be the exact difference between good and bad sexual experience.

Published by Evelyn Green