What foods will help to cope with anxiety and fears?

Are you trying to take control of anxiety but it’s all in vain? Perhaps you are missing something important? Are you keeping to a diet? If not, then it’s high time to start.

Healthy nutrition may be as useful in coping with anxiety and fears as meds. Very often our body lacks some vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help us feel better both physically and emotionally. Perhaps wrong food preferences make your way to healing so slow? Have a look at our list of foods that can make you forget about anxiety and fear and check if they are on your daily menu.

Brazil nuts

A handful of brazil nuts a day can help you maintain sufficient levels of selenium. This mineral is proven to prevent depression, tiredness, irritability, and anxiety. Hence, adding some nuts to your breakfast or eating them as a snack in the afternoon will help you feel calm during the day.

anxiety and fears


Having a low glycemic index, oats supply our body with the energy without a sharp rise in the blood sugar levels. Unlike fast carbohydrates that we get from sweets, oats are the source of slow carbohydrates. Hence, they release the charge of energy for a much longer period of time. Besides, oats are rich in selenium, which is also important for our good mood and calmness.


These bright yellow fruits are the source of several basic nutrients that can help you control the anxiety. First of all, it’s tryptophan, which promotes the secretion of serotonin (a happiness hormone) in the brain and helps to get rid of the feeling of anxiety. Besides, bananas are rich in vitamin B6. It takes an active part in the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin. It’s all strengthened with carbohydrates that are also important for keeping us in a good mood.

Dark chocolate

It is scientifically proven that eating dark chocolate (over 70% of cocoa) can help to diminish the secretion of a stress hormone. As a result, people feel their anxiety levels get lower. In addition, chocolate is a known trigger of endorphins production so if it is in your daily ration, you may forget about being moody.

Published by Evelyn Green