Hormonal Contraception and Weight Gains: Ways to Stop the Tendency

Despite it is a rather rare fact, but sometimes women start gaining weight as a result of contraceptives intake. In the vast majority of instances, the condition is associated with fluid retention and does not presuppose excess weight storage. However, in exceptional instances, females can gain considerable weight.

Most commonly, fluid retention is a traditional side effect, caused by birth control tablets intake, which is likely to disappear 3-4 months after the therapy. According to the results of over 40 different studies, hormonal birth control tablets really cause significant weight gain. Once you have noticed the disorder, you need to contact your doctor trying to find an effective solution. Usually, a healthcare specialist will recommend changing the contraception type in order to either decrease or increase estrogen dose. Despite all the contraceptives have the same type of estrogen, but in different doses, every single brand may use various types of progestin. Consequently, you will minimize the risk of rapid weight gain, changing and decreasing the risk of any side effects occurrence.

hormonal birth pills and obesity

Minimizing Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control Tablets Use

If you understand the way contraceptives work, you need to realize that there is a tight relation between the weight you gain and estrogen-containing contraceptives you take. As a result, women are advised to administer contraceptives with as little estrogen as possible. Currently, all the hormonal contraceptives contain over 20 mcg estrogen. Discuss the condition with your doctor in search of the optimal birth control tablet that will not influence your body weight that drastically. Moreover, if the gained weight is over 5% of the overall body mass, it may be the sign of underlying health problems with insulin resistance or glucose metabolism. Additionally, you can have a low-carb diet in order to decrease the relation between the contraceptives and weight gain. Balanced weight and successful and effective contraception are the results of proper lifestyle and medical changes you make.

Published by Evelyn Green