Female Sex Appeal: Beauty Tips After 50

To begin with, mark this code: SPF and make sure it appears on every moisturizer or foundation you buy. It indicates the sun protection factor, an essential “ingredient” in every product over 50, and not just in summer. The sunrays in fact accelerate cellular aging and it is advisable to always apply a product that has a sun protection at least between 10 and 15, otherwise you risk nullifying the effectiveness of other anti-age treatments.

Second essential product: a specific hand cream. The hands are perhaps the part of the body that most reveals the age of a woman and it is no longer sufficient to fight the cracks during the winter, now it is better to choose an anti-stain and anti-age composition.

What active ingredients to look for?

With aging the skin loses tone and consistency, tending to relax and then to “fall” downwards. Anything that can restore firmness to the skin, and therefore somehow fill in and fight wrinkles, is an ally after 50. You can start by using an aloe cream, a plant known for cosmetic purposes since ancient times. Its ability to retain water becomes a very important source of supplemental hydration that allows you to have a relaxed skin all day long.

Looking half your age after 50

But when the texture of the epidermis tends to loosen, there is a need for products that contain hyaluronic acid that can fill extracellular spaces and give water to the tissues, eliminating the “withering” effect. If, on the other hand, your problem is the appearance of spots on the skin, or darker shadows that make your complexion uneven, you can use creams based on lightening acids such as glycolic acid, which has an exfoliating effect: it promotes regeneration cellular giving brightness to the face.

The right make-up

If getting out of the house without a little makeup has never been a good idea, after a certain age it is almost forbidden. The ideal make-up for a lady in her 50s is above all discreet. The old rule of highlighting either the eyes or the mouth is therefore valid, opting for the part that has best resisted wrinkles over the years.

Right nutrition

And finally, don’t underestimate the role of nutrition. The substance that is most helpful to the skin is definitely vitamin A. Contained mainly in yellow and orange vegetables (such as apricots, peaches, oranges, squash and carrots) it has antioxidant properties that are valuable for cellular integrity and maintains young and smooth skin. Vitamin A also has beneficial effects on bones and eyesight, which make it recommended to take it after a certain age.

Published by Evelyn Green