Menopause Is Not a Reason to Forget about Sex

What is menopause? The general belief is that it is the beginning of the aging process, usually related to asexuality, weakness, loss of attractiveness, perfect body shape and productivity. Besides, a considerable decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels leads to reduced sexual desire. However, is it a reality or just a simple excuse?

sex during menopause

According to the results of numerous researches, menopause promotes a drastic influence on the health and lives of women, but these changes are mainly not related to sex. Definitely, testosterone and estrogen reduction can decrease sexual desire, triggering the following complications:

  • Decreased sensitivity;
  • Difficulties getting aroused;
  • Vaginal dryness due to the smaller blood supply;
  • Painful penetration caused by vagina shrinking and others.

Nevertheless, in over 70% of cases, not having sex during or after menopause is a personal decision. An aging process and other factors related to menopause can interfere with the issue of how the woman wants sex, but not how much. Sometimes, the intercourse can be painful and uncomfortable. But the real problem is that long-term couples hesitate to tell each other about their preferences in bed, as it can hurt or irritate the partner. So, in this case, menopause is an excellent way to stop these intimate relations at all.

Irrespective of all the changes and diversifications in the female life during and after menopause, it is not a reason to quit having sex. If consider physiological part of the question, a regular intercourse is not the most pleasurable way for women to experience sex. Direct clitoral stimulation frequently trumps penetration. Besides, the results of multiple studies revealed that sexual desire is women does not diminish with age, but changes their preferences, instead.

The only way to save relations and experience beneficial and pleasurable sex is being courageous enough to talk about desires concerning physical intimacy and, if need be, get help of a professional who will prescribe pharmaceutical solution like Female Viagra. Discuss the issue with your partner and find the happy medium. Getting sexual satisfaction is an ability that does not disappear with age, but you need to make an effort to preserve it and enjoy the intercourse, pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Published by Evelyn Green