Facts And News About Sexual Dysfunctions

sexual disorders

Get to know more about various types of sexual disorders, including decreased libido, painful sexual intercourses, bad erection, inability to perform sexually or reach an orgasm, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions and so on. Articles of this category tell about the symptoms of most common sexual dysfunctions, their causes and potent treatments.


Asexuality: Norm or Disorder?

According to the traditional definition, asexuality is related to lack of sexual attraction and desire. The results of more recent studies claim that asexuality cannot be related to a psychiatric condition, a disorder of the sexual desire or a symptom…

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Absence of Libido

Why Absence of Libido Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Poor sexual drive is something that nearly all men and women have to face one day. An occasional failure is hardly a reason to be worried. It may result from any stressful situation or long hours of hard work. However,…

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Post-Sexual Cramps

Post-Sexual Cramps as a Symptom of Serious Health Disorders

Cramps are a common symptom that appears after the intercourse. Abdominal cramping after sex can appear just as a result of successful sex and require no concern or worry. However, in certain instances, post-sex cramps can appear as a symptom…

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How to Deal with a Headache after Sex?

When arousal ramps up, the only thing that comes to your mind is satisfaction. However, for some people, this ideal condition is interrupted by an unexpected and devastating headache. A sex headache or coital cephalalgia is the disorder, which is…

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Pain during Sex

Why Can You Feel Pain during Sex?

Dyspareunia is a medical condition that is known as pain during a sexual intercourse. However, this issue can harm not only the physical aspect, but also psychological. Negative emotions, anxiety and stress can appear as a result of condition occurrence.…

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Decrease of Sexual Desire

Decrease of Sexual Desire: What Is It?

The question of female sexual desire is very subtle since a woman can experience highs and lows that frequently coincide with different life changes, including beginning and end or relationship, pregnancy, illness, menopause and others. Besides, some medications, including…

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