Sexually Transmitted Infections Reviewed


Here you will find useful information concerning disorders that are transmitted through a sexual contact. Find out more about the symptoms of bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infections, and learn how to prevent and treat the most widely spread STDs such as syphilis, candidiasis, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, genital scabies and a range of other issues.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

First Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Females

Following the medical information and world statistics, over 80% of females affected by sexually transmitted disorders do not have any symptoms in early stages. The other 20% of patients can experience usual flu- or cold-like symptoms, which could appear as…

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Hepatitis C Transmitted

Is Hepatitis C Transmitted Sexually?

Hepatitis C is the virus affecting the way the liver works. When people have it, they start experiencing an acute infection, which is a mild condition. However, most cases of hepatitis C are diagnosed and found only when it becomes…

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Treat Genital Herpes

How to Treat Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes belongs to a group of common sexually transmitted disorders within the US and other countries around the world. The condition is provoked by herpes simplex virus. Since the virus can be of two types, it is inevitable to…

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Symptoms of HPV

Key Symptoms of HPV in Women

Human papillomavirus is a serious skin disorder that is triggered by mucous or skin membrane growth. Specific types of HPV infection can trigger the development of cervical cancer. The results of medical studies show that there are over 100 diverse…

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Female Syphilis Symptoms

Female Syphilis Symptoms and Ways to Treat It

Syphilis is one of the most widely spread sexually transmitted diseases. The condition is ultimately dangerous and can reach life-threatening consequences if not diagnosed and managed at an early stage. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, over…

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