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Here you will find useful information concerning disorders that are transmitted through a sexual contact. Find out more about the symptoms of bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infections, and learn how to prevent and treat the most widely spread STDs such as syphilis, candidiasis, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, genital scabies and a range of other issues.

Syphilis In Women

Syphilis is an infectious sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum and has an annual incidence of 12 million new patients worldwide. Syphilis is transmitted sexually, from mother to fetus and through blood transfusions and organ transplantation. As… Continue reading

Who is a Venereologist and What does he Treat?

Venereologist is a specialist in the sphere of sexually transmitted diseases and other genital infections. This doctor knows how to diagnose and cure the disease, which was received via open sexual contact. Besides, venereologists can give consultations on the prevention… Continue reading

Myths and Reality about Venereal Diseases

Lack of knowledge about some specific aspect of life and health always generates numerous myths that have nothing to do with a real life. Venereal diseases are no exception. Everyone is afraid to get one. That’s why, knowing not enough… Continue reading

Ways to Prevent Venereal Disorders

Venereal disorders, also known as sexually transmitted infections, are triggered mainly by viral or bacterial infections. Those conditions caused by bacteria can be successfully treated with antibiotics, while the ones launched by the virus cannot be cured.

Basically, sexually transmitted… Continue reading

Reasons for Vaginal Itching in Women

Vaginal itching is not only uncomfortable but frequently painful. The condition appears mainly as a result of menopause, infection or irritating substances. Besides, certain skin disorders, especially sexually transmitted diseases, can trigger the occurrence of the devastating condition.

Even though… Continue reading

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are the ones that spread through the sexual contact with an infected person. Such conditions are dangerous for your overall health state, since they can damage vital functions of your organism. In certain cases such… Continue reading