Time-Reversing Beauty Rules To Abide By In Climax

During menopause and in the period that precedes it, a woman’s body undergoes a series of internal changes that often reflect on the external appearance, creating understandable disturbances. Without sugar-coating it, with various factors combined, in menopause we change considerably, and losing our youthful appearance can be a real trauma in a society where appearance is so important.

1) Take care of your skin

It is important to keep the skin always hydrated with the help of creams and any moisturizing product currently available on the market, as well as drinking plenty of water during the day, away from meals. A good cream can also help keep you away from acne problems, also avoiding taking too many sugars, which are related to the onset of acne.

2) Take care of your hair

Thinning hair is a fairly common effect of menopause. The good news is that current treatments on the market that aim to stimulate hair regrowth work better on women than on men. So good treatment can really help, along with taking a multivitamin and a healthy diet. Again, it is important to always keep your hair hydrated.

Beauty Rules

3) Take care of your smile

Good oral hygiene is important for menopausal women just as it is for children. The aging process, associated with the loss of estrogens, in fact, can have repercussions on the health of the gums and on the sensitivity of the teeth. Brushing your teeth and flossing daily, as well as undergoing regular oral hygiene sessions with your dentist are all precautions that can help preserve the beauty of the smile. Calcium and vitamin D levels are also important for preventing bone loss. A good supplement prescribed by your doctor can be of great support.

4) Engage in regular physical activity

Regular physical activity helps maintain general well-being, at any age and even more during menopause. Walking, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming or yoga help reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, but also improve heart and lung function.

5) Pay attention to weight

Muscle loss, changes in hormones and slower metabolism are all conditions that can be linked to menopause. Therefore banishing a sedentary lifestyle and open arms to a healthy and balanced diet!

6) Sleep

The symptoms of menopause can significantly interfere with sleep. Make sure that the bed is comfortable and that the room is dark, fresh and silent, be more rigid in respecting the waking-sleep times and avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine several hours before bedtime.

Published by Evelyn Green