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This category is your personal contraception guide. Explore birth control options and methods to avoid undesirable pregnancy, their advantages and disadvantages, safety issues and concerns and possible side effects. Find out which birth control methods are safest, most reliable and effective, and choose the best one to control fertility.

Quality Contraceptives to Treat Acne

Oral contraceptives are effective treatments that prevent unwanted pregnancy. Due to the powerful impact they promote on hormones, they can influence not only conception but also skin condition. Therefore, oral contraceptives may serve dependable solutions for mitigating acne.

On average,… Continue reading

Oral Contraceptives: Side Effects

Once you want to prevent pregnancy by using oral contraceptives, you need to learn detailed information about the drug beforehand. First of all, birth control pills belong to a hormone-based way of pregnancy prevention. It means the medications restrict ovulation.… Continue reading

Health Benefits of Hormonal Contraceptives

When we talk about birth control tablets, the first thing that comes to mind is their excellent protective feature that prevents unwanted pregnancy. However, according to the results of numerous researches, hormonal contraceptives can trigger a range of other, non-hormonal… Continue reading