Problems With Female Urogential Tract

Gynecological disorders

Gynecological disorders are conditions that affect the external and internal organs of the pelvic and abdominal area of a woman, including the vagina, vulva, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Sufficient knowledge of warning symptoms, timely prevention and treatment of any problem as well as proper gynecological care help stay away from complications and adverse impact on the woman’s ability to conceive.

Uterine Hypoplasia

What Is Uterine Hypoplasia?

Uterine hypoplasia is a dangerous condition, which is widely spread and associated with the uterus development complications. The most significant problem is underdevelopment of the uterus, which means its size doesn’t correlate with the age norm. The frequency of the…

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Gynecological Diseases

Symptoms of Gynecological Diseases

In the modern world, when women are ultimately busy with business, family and other issues, they don’t have time to pay enough attention to their health state. The tendency shows that an increasing number of women address the doctor only…

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Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer in Women

Bladder cancer is classified as one of the most devastating and commonly appearing cancer types, striking over 60,000 of adults in the US yearly. Despite the condition appears more frequently in men, it is also peculiar to women mainly in…

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Endometriosis Causes

Endometriosis Causes and Possible Treatment

Endometriosis is an ultimately popular condition that is defined as a painful gynecological impairment. The condition appears when the tissue that should normally line the inside of the uterus, grows outside of it. The disorder commonly involves the fallopian…

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Vaginal Eczema

Vaginal Eczema in Women: Condition Requiring Medical Help

Considering eczema as a medical condition, we think about a deep red rash on lips, face, lips, etc. However, then you start feeling unpredictable and unpleasant pain and itchiness in the vagina. Isn’t it possible? Such condition as vaginal eczema…

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Inflammatory Disorders

Inflammatory Disorders of Pelvic Organs

A pelvic inflammatory disease is defined as an infection of the female reproductive system. The organs, which can inflame include fallopian tubes, the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. The reasons for the condition development can be numerous, with the main one…

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Gynecological Disorders Diagnostics

Main Methods of Gynecological Disorders Diagnostics

According to the research, the number of gynecological disorders is rapidly growing nowadays. However, the modern medicine is developing fast, so that there are many innovative and up-to-date methods to diagnose the problem and treat it. The most important factor that depends on the woman is addressing the doctor and getting timely assistance. Depending on the symptoms and their severity, a healthcare specialist can recommend various types of diagnostics. It is vital to inform the medical professional about accompanying and underlying health disorders, as well as administered medications, in order to obtain accurate results of tests.

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