Urogenital Diseases In Female Patients

Gynecological Disorders

Gynecological disorders are conditions that affect the external and internal organs of the pelvic and abdominal area of a woman, including the vagina, vulva, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Sufficient knowledge of warning symptoms, timely prevention and treatment of any problem as well as proper gynecological care help stay away from complications and adverse impact on the woman’s ability to conceive.

Case Of Chlamydia

Ovarian Cancer, Risk Doubled By Chlamydia

Even if the symptomatic manifestations are very light, so as not to be often recognized by the people who are affected, the consequences of chlamydia on the reproductive system (especially women) can be very serious. In most cases the infection…

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Psychosomatics And Female Health: The Link

“Why those painful pangs during menstruation?”

“Why isn’t my cycle regular?”

“Why do I suffer from such recurrent vaginal inflammation?”

“Why did I get uterine fibroids?”

“Why do I have endometriosis?”

“What are the ovarian cysts due to?”

“Those breast…

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Cystic Endometrioma

Chocolate Cyst (Cystic Endometrioma)

Endometriotic cysts are pockets filled with “old” blood, of endometrial origin; normally, they measure between 2 and 5 centimeters in diameter, but, in some rare circumstances, they can even reach 10-20 centimeters. The typical symptoms of a generic endometriotic cyst…

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Causes Of Infertility

Rule Out These 6 Most Widespread Causes Of Infertility

Fertility basics: conditions factoring in

The human species is not very fertile. It is estimated that, for women, the possibility of being fertilized, if it has a fertile ratio, does not exceed 25% and this probability decreases with the age…

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ovarian cysts

Dangers of ovarian cysts

The gynecologists say that ovarian cysts form in almost all women at least once during their lifetime. The bulk of them doesn’t even suspect the problem as it generally shows no symptoms and goes away on its own. However, the…

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Polyps of endometrium

Polyps of endometrium: causes of growth and ways of curing

Endometrial polyps are diagnosed in 24% of women. However, their incidence is much higher in postmenopausal women. They may be different in size, starting with a couple of millimeters to the size of an orange. Polyps are usually non-cancerous growths,…

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hygiene mistakes

Feminine intimate hygiene mistakes

When females try to reach perfection in every thing hygienic, they might actually overdo it. Shower flowers, repeated washing, unsuitable soaps… Discover the mistakes you may be making unknowingly to no longer misstep twice. Cleaning your private parts several times…

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Polycystic ovaries

Polycystic ovaries. What is it?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases appearing in the hormonal background. It is believed that between 5 and ten percent of women worldwide are affected by this gynecological problem. Even though there doesn’t exist any…

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Female Infertility

Endometriosis – Main Reason of Female Infertility

Endometriosis is a widely spread female disorder that is characterized by pain and related complications related to the imbalanced growth of the endometrium. On average, the condition involves the fallopian tubes, tissue lining, pelvis, and ovaries. Sometimes, the disorder can…

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Gynecological Disorders

How to Prevent Gynecological Disorders

Many women feel embarrassed when talking about gynecological issues, but poor reproductive health affects not only fertility, but it can also trigger a number of other dangerous conditions. For example, these diseases can cause pain, interfere with sexual relationships, and…

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