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This category contains the most useful and important articles concerning women’s health, as women experience unique health conditions and issues which demand increased attention and more profound knowledge. Find out more information and tips about physical and emotional health, wellness, lifestyle changes, proper diet, exercises for optimal weight, etc.

Does Stress Cause Breast Cancer?

Studies in cultured cells and in laboratory animals show that chronic stress modifies the permeability of lymphatic vessels and promotes angiogenesis, making metastasis dissemination easier. Some studies have shown a possible impact of stress on disease prognosis, but not on… Continue reading

Why do women have headaches?

Headache is a serious problem for every person experiencing it. Pain can make us aggressive or apathetic or defenseless or even completely disarmed in the face of our daily challenges. Headaches in women appear because of different reasons, yet most… Continue reading

Benefits of Zinc for Women’s Health

Zinc is an important mineral that all women need every day to stay healthy. Although it’s necessary to take it only in small amounts, zinc deficiencies often cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including poor wound healing, hair loss,… Continue reading