Health Facts And Recommendations For Women

women’s health

This category contains the most useful and important articles concerning women’s health, as women experience unique health conditions and issues which demand increased attention and more profound knowledge. Find out more information and tips about physical and emotional health, wellness, lifestyle changes, proper diet, exercises for optimal weight, etc.


How Diabetes Starts In Female Patients

Diabetes is dangerous as it raises the risk of many other diseases in those who suffer from it. It is vital to diagnose diabetes at once to prevent awful consequences as absence of sufficient care, diet and treatment might lead…

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Reason for Polyphagia

What Can Be A Reason For Polyphagia?

The first question on this topic that bothers everyone is: How to understand your appetite has increased? And the answer is rather simple: watch the way you eat. Your appetite is getting higher in case you have a constant feeling…

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Female Metabolism

The Truth about Female Metabolism

Metabolism is the process, which presupposes chemical reactions in the body. Due to these reactions, you gain sufficient energy for staying alive and function properly. Metabolic rate is another word that is frequently used to replace the notion of metabolism.…

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to Recognize Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a health disorder that is characterized by extreme tiredness, fatigue and accompanying symptoms that constantly bother a patient and do not disappear even after rest. The condition cannot be explained by accompanying or underlying health disorders.…

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Relieve Stress

Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress resistance is a highly personal feature which is hard to estimate. However, if we speak in general, women are much more vulnerable to the bad impact of stress than men due to their physiology and common psychological peculiarities, although…

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Visiting Gynecologist

Visiting Gynecologist – Facts Woman Should Know

A gynecologist is a doctor, who specializes in the female reproductive system. A general physician can deal with minor health issues related to female health, but a gynecologist is in charge of specific aspects of women’s health. Older women have…

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Why Obesity Is Dangerous for Women

Being overweight is a serious concern that bothers both men and women. However, according to the results of the research, women have a higher risk of devastating health concerns related to obesity than men. Diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, pregnancy problems and many other disorders can be activated by excess weight.

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