Improved Communication In A Couple


Good and sound relationships are as important for health, as regular workout and proper nutrition. If you have problems with the relationships with your beloved one and want to know what’s wrong, how to fix it, why kills a relationship, how to make your marriage work and last, this category will provide the most sufficient information concerning this major topic.

Supporting a Partner

Supporting a Partner in Times of Illness

When hearing a terminal diagnosis or during another dangerous condition, the first thing you are looking for is a helping hand. It is important to have someone, who will share your grief, the one, who will support and encourage you.…

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Nerve Tension

Love as the Best Treatment of Nerve Tension

Anxiety, sadness, unwanted compulsions, boredom, addictions, self-sabotaging behaviors and similar conditions are the symptoms of severe emotional distress. Over 95% of people have ever experienced any of these feelings. Definitely, there are medical recommendations considering their treatments, but in the…

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How to Achieve Harmony in Relationship?

Relationship is always an interaction of two. Therefore, it is vital for the couple to understand the responsibility of each in the formation of harmony and proper attitude. Striving to create peace in the relationship, you need to balance your…

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Meditation with Partner Helps Understand Each Other Better

Meditation is a great technique allowing a person to get rid of stress, relax, and overall make life better. It is also an effective way for couples to improve their relationships because it helps them to better understand each other,…

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Female Seduction Tricks

Female Seduction Tricks

Seduction is an art that each woman should master. If you know which words a man wants to hear, you can gain not only his attention and love but intimacy. Observing a man feel awkward and flustered because of ultimate…

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Modern Romanticism

Peculiarities of Modern Romanticism

Love is one of the most important and profound emotions ever known. There are many different types and forms of love, but a romantic relationship is the final destination of the vast majority of partners. While it is the most…

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How to Deal with Jealousy?

For some of us, jealousy is a great problem, while others view it as human nature. Anyway, we can all be jealous from time to time, but it becomes a real issue when it creeps into each aspect of our…

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