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Good and sound relationships are as important for health, as regular workout and proper nutrition. If you have problems with the relationships with your beloved one and want to know what’s wrong, how to fix it, why kills a relationship, how to make your marriage work and last, this category will provide the most sufficient information concerning this major topic.

These Are The Most Common Causes For Divorce

Marriage and divorce statistics in the US

Stress, fatigue, everyday problems lead to quarrels, misunderstandings, discussions, disagreements with a consequent decrease in complicity and libido, which in a couple relationship is the signal that something is wrong.

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5 Interesting Facts about Cuddling

The scientists have long ago proven that cuddling plays an important role in human life starting with early childhood. It is considered that to grow into an emotionally healthy person, a child needs to be hugged daily. The same thing… Continue reading

Can you fall in love at 45?

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Passionate Woman as a Gift for Any Man

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Learn to Talk to Each Other

When you fall in love, mutual respect, care, and understanding are important. Thus, every partner is working hard to achieve these results. How is it possible? Negotiating and discussing important issues are the key. When people start living together, it… Continue reading