Lady Era 100mg

Sildenafil for women helps to increase the sexual arousal and have satisfaction during intimacy.

Get to know the true nature of female sexuality, which is expressed in desires, thoughts, beliefs, relationships and behaviors. Explore womenТs libido, find out why it becomes depleted and investigate all the facts you have always wanted to know about sexuality but were afraid to ask.

The Effects Of Smoking On The Sexuality Of The Woman

Given the fact that according to many authors, female sexual disorders have a particularly multifactorial aetiophysiopathology in which socio-cultural elements are mixed with merely physiological factors and the male erectile deficit is obviously more conspicuous and in any case not… Continue reading

Age and female libido. Sex after 55

It’s no secret that with age female sex drive gets lower. The bulk of women experience intimate troubles at the age of 55 and older due to menopausal period. This process is marked by the reduction of the amounts of… Continue reading

Meaning of Female Odor for Men

If you have got much attention from the opposite sex, do not get confused, it’s natural. It is not about your perfect body, awesome hairstyle or nail polish. The secret is in the body smell. According to the medical information,… Continue reading

Male’s Attitude towards Female Sexuality

Over the last decades, women have been desperately trying to find effective ways to attract male attention. However, the success did not exceed a certain point. However, with the development of science, medicine, and psychology, there are several theories considering… Continue reading