Lady Era 100mg

Sildenafil for women helps to increase the sexual arousal and have satisfaction during intimacy.

Sexology experts provide the invaluable advice and recommendations when it comes to problems in sex, dysfunctions, disorders or issues connected with relationships. Here you will find the necessary tips from doctors as to how to have better sexual experience, how to solve sexual problems, what to do when there is no desire, etc.

5 Ways to Enhance your Sexuality

Bringing new colors to your sexual life can give a breath of fresh air to your relations with a partner, improve your self-esteem, and help you feel emotionally and physically better. So, what should you do to boost your sexuality?… Continue reading

How to make your husband want you?

Actually, the situation, where a woman is in the mood for sex and her husband or boyfriend is not, is very rare. However, the incidence of such cases grows as the number of always busy men gets bigger. To help… Continue reading

Sex and Health Benefits

Regular sex is important not only for pleasure or procreation, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main reason is that it provides a total body workout and a number of unexpected health benefits. What are they?

Way to Prolong Sexual Pleasure

Considering a sexual intercourse, it is inevitable to mention an orgasm, as its highlight or culmination. However, even if you experience an impressive orgasm, there is still much to be improved. First of all, the definition of the term will… Continue reading