Expert Tips For Better Sex In A Couple

Sexology experts

Sexology experts provide the invaluable advice and recommendations when it comes to problems in sex, dysfunctions, disorders or issues connected with relationships. Here you will find the necessary tips from doctors as to how to have better sexual experience, how to solve sexual problems, what to do when there is no desire, etc.

Sexual Problems

5 Top Fixes For Better Health In Relationships

There are many couples who come to sexologists or sexual therapists with problems in their families. Their stories about sexual difficulties that they experience vary, but they all need an effective solution. How to improve sex relationship in a…

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Yoga Improve Sex

Can Yoga Improve Sex?

Yoga tradition starts with Indian philosophy and continues up to modern days. Generally, yoga is considered to be an ancient way of exercise, relaxation and healing. Currently, the tradition is ultimately popular in the US and around the world as…

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Neglect Foreplay

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Foreplay

When it comes to the sexual prelude and its importance, men and women have different opinions. While males can get sexually driven in seconds, females require a bit more time for quality arousal. While men can become erect only from…

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Menopause Is Not a Reason to Forget about Sex

What is menopause? The general belief is that it is the beginning of the aging process, usually related to asexuality, weakness, loss of attractiveness, perfect body shape and productivity. Besides, a considerable decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels leads to…

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